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  • Papazian
  • I like the design of the website. The color, fonts, visuals, and flow make the website looks elegant and noble. The animations appear perfectly when user scroll down the website. It is not too much and interesting enough to attract me to explore the website. They are the jewelry displays company, but I feel like it’s selling the jewelry.

  • NIKE
  • I love how the videos are in a dark tone and fit the entire webpage. The combination of the white text and the video is effective. There are all telling a different story and that makes me look at all of them again and again. The interface is clear and simple. They didn’t use too much decorate icons or images to make it looks fancy. Keep it simple is a wise decision.

  • This website is made from an illustration, motion developer and an illustration, web designer. This website is so beautiful that I can play around for a day. The illustrations are awesome, the concept is cute and interesting and the transition between different bike is so smooth that looks very good. I love all the background and the interesting text. Every bike has their own color background and different theme. And I love the most is how they choose the combinations of colors and theme.